Bond Hearings

Three Things You Need to Know About Bond Hearings in Virginia

Need help getting a family member out of jail? Criminal defense attorney Margaret B. Davis will work hard to arrange a speedy and fair bond hearing in Richmond or neighboring jurisdictions, including Henrico and Chesterfield counties.

Here are the three things you need to know about bond hearings in Virginia.

1. The Virginia Bond Hearing Process Takes Time

When you’re in jail, you want to get out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a bond hearing may not happen right away. Soon after you’re arrested, a magistrate will review your case and decide whether or not you’re eligible for bail. While you may be released on your own recognizance for minor offenses, more serious crimes will require a secured bond. If no specific bond is set, you’ll need an attorney to file a bond motion on your behalf.

2. The Amount of Your Bond — and Whether You Get It at All — Depends on Several Factors

During a bond hearing, a judge is assessing several aspects of your life, including the charge (or charges) for which you’re in jail, whether you’re a flight risk, and whether you pose a threat to yourself or others.

3. Representation By an Attorney Can Ensure a Fair Bond Hearing in Virginia

During a bond hearing, the judge considers a number of factors when determining whether to set bond and at what amount. Having a knowledgeable bond attorney present can help make sure that your situation is presented in the best possible light.

When a loved one is stuck in jail, you need help right away. Criminal defense attorney Margaret B. Davis is available around the clock to provide expert counsel.

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