Probation Violations

Three Things You Need to Know About Probation Violations in Virginia

Probation seems like a great alternative to jail time, but in Virginia, probation requirements can be hard to follow. Probation officers are watching you closely to make sure you remain employed, avoid using alcohol and drugs, don’t leave the state and obey all laws — even traffic laws! If you’re notified that you’ve violated your probation, call an attorney right away.

Here are the three things you need to know about probation violations in Virginia.

1. To Avoid Probation Violations, Communication is Key

Remember that old saying, “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission?” That definitely does not apply to probation violations. Negotiating with your probation officer is always better than deciding on your own to break the terms of your probation — even if you have a good reason.

Let’s say your grandmother is ill in Florida, and you really want to go see her. Instead of heading off on an impromptu road trip, explain the situation to your PO and ask if you can get the trip approved.

2. An Attorney Can Help You Work Out Deals with Your Probation Officer

Being on probation can put you in some difficult positions. If the terms of your probation require you to stay in Virginia, but your job needs you to travel to offices outside the state, don’t give up. An attorney may be able to file a post-sentence motion to amend the Virginia residency requirement.

3. Don’t Just Accept Probation Violations. Get an Attorney’s Help

The consequences of a probation violation in Virginia can be severe. A judge may extend your probation, impose a short jail sentence, or fully revoke probation and order the sentence to be completed in prison. Richmond criminal defense attorney Margaret B. Davis can help you fight probation violations in court to avoid these harsh penalties.

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